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The Prince of Fresh Air Furnaces - HVAC Service Experts in Calgary, Alberta

Eco friendly and wallet friendly !

Lower operating costs means lower prices to you, the customer! All this while installing the best quality components and venting materials to city codes !

The Prince of Fresh Air Furnaces specializes in the distribution of fresh air to all areas of your house!

If half the rooms in your house aren't getting the proper air exchange, then what good is a new furnace?

Specialized expertise – Why hire a jack of all trades that mastered none? In the same way that your lungs need your airways to breathe, your new furnace (and your old one) need a properly designed duct system for your house to breathe correctly.

More than a quirky name ! Fresh air is our game !

Trouble breathing? Your furnace is only a part of the overall breathing system of your home. Calgary is a dry place by nature, yet the recommended humidity levels of your home should be hovering between 30 and 35%. Moist air is easier to breathe and maintains a more consistent heat in your home between furnace cycles. So why just install the bare minimum humidifier that you have to fill and maintain yourself? Ask about a worry-free humidifier to boost your overall health and comfort levels !

So fresh and so clean ! Did you know that some furnace filters actually cause health problems! What?.. You heard right ! Electronic air filters cause Ozone and help degenerate health problems like bronchitis and asthma ! So we don't even install them ! Instead of paying more for a filter that does more harm than good, why not relocate those resources towards getting the air quality comparable to and even equal to that of a hospital surgical room?

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