Fresh Air Experts in Calgary, Alberta

You purify your water, but you actually spend more time breathing than you do drinking water! So why should you and your family breathe dry, dirty air? Getting your ducts cleaned is one good way of purifying your air, but are those ducts even pointed in the right areas of house? Sure your current air filter can filter a certain percentage of dust out of the air, but does it filter smog, pollen and bacteria? Maybe it's time to have a qualified Fresh Air expert do an in-depth assessment of the quality of air exchange in your home !

Take a breath, relax !

The Prince of Fresh Air Furnaces understand that there are a plethora (a whole lotta) companies out there that are perfectly capable of installing your new furnace, and we're here to say; take your time and shop around!

There's no need for you to feel pressured into a sale, in fact you should feel confident that you've made the right decision ! We're confident that you will choose our expertise, and knowledge of clean air that there's no need to make a decision immediately after your free household ventilation assessment.

In fact, save time by requesting a quick e-mail ballpark estimate for your furnace install (assuming all existing venting is installed correctly and without complications in your home). Simply specify whether you want a mid or high end furnace (92, 96 or 98% efficiency), a mid or high end humidifier, and a mid or high end hospital grade air filtration system.

Ok, let's say I invite a Fresh Air expert into my home, what happens then?

Firstly, a complete ventilation assessment of your house is performed room per room. You see, your current furnace may or may not be sized correctly for the size of your home, and any renovations done (new doors, windows, appliances, rooms, etc..) may not have been taken into consideration during the installation of your current furnace. Heat loss and heat gain calculations must be done for the proper furnace size in your home.

Don't trust a furnace installer that does not offer this kind of assessment; they will simply walk in and match your current furnace output to save themselves time and money.

Next, we'll take a quick peak in your attic space to ensure that your chimney is up to current city codes and that there are proper roof vents installed, and from there, complete a walk-through the entire house to ensure that there are enough properly-sized heat registers and return air grills to maintain a minimum of 1/3 of the air is exchanged every hour for maximum freshness ! 

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