Furnace Replacements

Furnace And Air conditioning in Calgary, Alberta


Founded in 1885, Trane is known today as having one of the lowest fail rates of any modern heating or cooling units. This is due to their unmatched rigorous lab testing and uniquely patented components.

While most heating and cooling manufacturers choose from the same third party components, Trane stands proudly in a league of their own with dozens of patented features that make Trane an obvious choice for your home.

Trane equipment endures 5 years worth of extreme lab-tested wear and tear before even being introduced into the market. Only the best make the cut.

Fun Fact: A Trane air conditioner is installed worldwide every minute of every day !


Lennox has been at the heart of furnace innovation since their first riveted steel furnace was introduced in 1895. Tried, tested and proven to withstand the hardships of time, it's no wonder why there are so many 40-50 year old Lennox furnaces still heating local homes today. Lennox has always been at the forefront of reliable heating and cooling technology, and continues to offer affordable, reliable equipment to this day.