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Hot Water Heaters in Calgary, Alberta

Bradford White

Since inception in 1881, Bradford White continues to be the highest installer-recommended brand of atmospheric and power vent hot water tanks on the market.

The standard atmospheric vent Bradford White hot water tank comes with sealed combustion burning for added safety, a push button style ignitor, and intelligent gas control.
Automated hot surface ignition and power vent models are also available for worry-free hot water !


Founded in 1925, today Rheem is the largest manufacturer of water heating equipment in North America. The standard atmospheric vent Rheem hot water tank comes with a patented Everclean sediment fighting system to improve on long term efficiency and liquid capacity retention.

The simple gas valve design and push button style ignitor allows for simple, long term use of the unit.

Automated hot surface ignition and power vent are also available for worry-free hot water !


Navian tankless (on demand) water heaters are stylish and made to fit most existing or new homes to provide an instant and seemingly endless supply of hot water.

Navian is a leader in condensing gas technology, and has received international praise for its innovation in engineering and design.

Navian on demand units are the preferred choice for tankless water heaters because of the versatility of its 2” venting that allows this unit to be installed almost anywhere !

The Prince of Fresh Air Furnaces - HVAC company provides hot water heaters in Calgary and surrounding areas.