How Efficiency Standards For New Homes Regarding HVAC Systems Could Affect You

How Efficiency Standards For New Homes Regarding HVAC Systems Could Affect You

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How Efficiency Standards For New Homes Regarding HVAC Systems Could Affect You

In the world of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), there are always changes that aim at improving the quality of our lives as these changes help you reduce running costs and conserve energy.

The most recent changes include a change in efficiency standards for new homes regarding HVAC systems, which are based on the green movement that has been growing every year. New homes are now facing more stringent minimum efficiency guidelines than ever before. As per these new guidelines, homes built after November 2016 have new rules regarding HVAC systems as well as higher insulation values in the Calgary area.

These guidelines mean that new homes lose very little heat because they are now built tighter and with fewer drafts. This means that your furnace requires less gas to heat the same square footage home than if the home were built before November of 2016.

While these new guidelines will help reduce running costs and conserve energy, as with any new rules regarding more efficient homes, the cost of installation tends to increase as well. One of the new rules stipulates that you are no longer allowed to install an inefficient, base model air conditioning unit, even though they are still being produced by manufacturers. You now need to have the next model up, which means (you guessed it) it costs more.

The same applies to fresh air ventilation; motorized dampers and/or heat recovery units need to be installed in new homes, whereas this was not the case prior to the rule change. The same applies to every trade down the line, and as you can imagine, this raises the overall price of building a house from the ground up exponentially.

We believe that according to the new guidelines, furnaces can be sized smaller per square foot with newer homes, whereas air conditioning needs to be sized up. Fortunately, we are really good at what we do, so rest assured that we will size your equipment properly regardless of what kind of home that you have.

Having years of experience, The Prince of Fresh Air Furnaces strives to keep up to date with all new energy efficiency rules pertaining to new homes as well as older ones.

We understand that energy efficiency trends will continue to develop as time passes, regardless of your personal stance on it. We fully support the idea of a green future and will continue to keep up to date with the newest rules and regulations set forth for new homes as well as older ones, while keeping you comfortable using only the best equipment available on the market. To learn more about the other products we have to offer, please click here.

If you have any questions about efficiency standards for new homes, please contact us by clicking here. For more details about the services we provide, please click here.