Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their HVAC Systems

Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their HVAC Systems

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Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their HVAC Systems

When it comes to installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) Systems, homeowners often rely on do it yourself (DIY) handbooks. However, improper installation and inadequate knowledge of the system’s functioning could reduce performance output and in the long-run reduce the life of the system. To help you sail through installation and maintenance of your HVAC System, we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes to avoid that will not just improve your system’s performance, but help you save money too.

Skipping a HVAC consultation before any renovation project. “I don't need HVAC help for my basement development, I can do it myself!” ...(as time passes)... “why is my basement so cold all the time?” are statements that are heard very often. This happens mostly because ductwork seems so easy to do to most DIY homeowners during renovations. However, HVAC technicians spend a lot of time learning about proper air distribution and moisture control.

Ideally, your basement should be the warmest floor in your household as three quarters of it (in most cases) are insulated by the earth. Hence there is very little heat loss compared to the rest of your home.

So why is it so cold all the time? Well, that’s because the airflow was not designed and installed properly. Moreover, moisture control fundamentally plays the most important role in your renovation. What use is a newly renovated basement, if it's covered in mold in 5-10 years?  Skipping a HVAC consultation before any renovation project is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make because they simply don't realize the importance of maintaining humidity levels for their new cabinets, kitchens and bathrooms with de-humidification and humidification systems alike.

Not changing the furnace filter. As far as DIY HVAC maintenance goes, this is by far the simplest, and yet most effective way for a homeowner to ensure that their HVAC system functions at peak performance. Regularly changing your furnace filter every 2-3 months prevents early component failure for both heating and cooling by allowing the system to run at design airflow without overheating, or overcooling. Without the proper airflow, you are straining your AC compressor in the summer, and your heat exchangers in the winter resulting in added pressure on your furnace blower motor.

Despite popular belief, the furnace filter's primary function is to protect the components of your HVAC system from household dust and other contaminants first, and then to filter the air you breath. So, a 3$ filter from your local hardware store can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs in the future.

Neglecting regular maintenance. To ensure that there is no premature wear and tear to your HVAC system, regular system maintenance performed by a professional HVAC technician is crucial for both longevity and efficiency. A licensed professional will inspect your motors, burners and gas pressures, capacitors, wiring, refrigerant levels, airflow and much more. Many homeowners believe that it is less expensive to pay for individual components to fail than to have preventative maintenance performed, but this is often not the case. Tweaking your system for efficiency saves you on energy costs, as well the unwanted costs of emergency breakdowns. Emergency service calls are always more expensive than scheduled tune-ups, so don't forget to call for yours today!

Trying to repair your own system. There are obviously many handy homeowners that can fix their own drywall, roof patches, leaky faucets, etc. and many more that don't. It's crucial to realize when you are experienced and capable of performing a repair on a system that you know intimately, and more importantly, realizing that you know nothing of the system that just broke down and is in need of repair.

Installing the wrong part, incorrectly installing the right part or any combination thereof could spell disaster if you don't know what you’re doing. So please leave it up to a licensed professional to effectively and safely repair your HVAC system.

Gas, electrical, plumbing, and refrigeration repairs are very dangerous substances in the wrong hands! A problem arising from any of these being installed incorrectly could be very dangerous to you and your family, so again, leave it up to the professionals who can repair the problem correctly, and diagnose why the component failed in the first place.

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